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Cloud consulting

Cloud-native Consulting

A successful collaboration starts with an understanding of your business model and technology landscape. Posedio can help you develop and implement your cloud transformation strategy.


Landing zone / Cloud platform

A cloud landing zone can speed up developer and application onboarding by providing a unified, battle-tested approach to managing your cloud infrastructure. We at Posedio have the experience to create a platform that will provide a best-practice cloud center of excellence so your engineers can focus on delivering business value.

Landing zone

App modernization

Outpacing the competition, lowering costs, and providing a more stable service are all benefits that can be achieved with a cloud transformation. To fully unlock the power of the cloud, Posedio can help you build your application to utilize the scalability of the cloud.

Data mesh

Data mesh

Data-driven decision making can transform any business. The challenge is to get the vast amount of data your company produces to the right place, generating insight into the business and driving decisions for the future. A data mesh can provide a platform for governing the lifecycle of all data in your company, making it discoverable and increasing the connectivity between teams.


Setting up a complete cloud environment using Terraform on any of the major cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure) is where we excel. This involves a managed or unmanaged (Rancher) Kubernetes clusters, CI/CD pipelines (GitLab, ArgoCD), monitoring setup (Prometheus, Grafana, Thanos).

Writing highly scalable Java applications (Spring Boot), safely Dockerized for the cloud is how we enable our customers to achieve faster time to market with their ideas. Connecting it all together with a service mesh (Istio) enables a true microservices architecture

Long-term partnership

Knowledge transfer and the free flow of ideas are the driving force behind successful partnerships. We trust that the partnership will deepen the better we get to know each other.

You, your company and your projects are always the focus of our interest and you can be sure of our commitment.

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