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Cloud Native Consulting

We believe successful collaboration starts at understanding your business model and existing technical solutions. We then help you design and implement your cloud transformation strategy.

If our experience has taught us anything, it is that every case is different, and every case is personal. We will work with you to design a strategy that fits your requirements and will prepare you for your unique journey.


Cloud Architecture & Software Development

We help you architect and implement software that satisfies the highest quality requirements. Whether it’s the stability of Java, the ubiquity of Spring, the efficiency of Go, we have you covered.

That said, where we truly shine is writing application code ready for the cloud, building this into every step of the software development lifecycle.



Building safe and reliable infrastructure is challenging. We assist in building your infrastructure (using infrastructure as code), while keeping your secrets and credentials safe in a key management system (Vault)

CI/CD pipelines are a requirement in modern-day software delivery. Setting them up for supply chain security, developer velocity and customer satisfaction is our expertise.


Workshops and Trainings

Our goal is to help you make your business successful and independent. We offer standardized trainings on several topics in software development and cloud native technology that will help your teammates implement industry best practice.

We also recognize that your unique challenges might not fully overlap with the standardized trainings. Get in touch to discuss a customized workshop with lots of hands-on exercises to help your developers rise to the challenges ahead.


Setting up a complete cloud environment using Terraform on any of the major cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure) is where we excel. This involves a managed or unmanaged (Rancher) Kubernetes clusters, CI/CD pipelines (GitLab, ArgoCD), monitoring setup (Prometheus, Grafana, Thanos).

Writing highly scalable Java applications (Spring Boot), safely Dockerized for the cloud is how we enable our customers to achieve faster time to market with their ideas. Connecting it all together with a service mesh (Istio) enables a true microservices architecture

Long-term partnership

Knowledge transfer and the free flow of ideas are the driving force behind successful partnerships. We trust that the partnership will deepen the better we get to know each other.

You, your company and your projects are always the focus of our interest and you can be sure of our commitment.

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