This is the Posedio DNA!

When tackling problems and creating solutions we are always guided by our core values.

The IT industry is in a constant change and to provide the best service we keep up to date with the latest trends and developments.
We take pride in our work. It is not enough that our solution meets the requirements, we design it with care to make it understandable, extensible, and future proof.
Team work
Small cross functional teams can often achieve more than one thinks. Ideas and solutions are rapidly challenged while keeping the communication overhead at minimum, effectively leading to a lean solution.
Posedio is an IT consulting company focusing on the cloud transformation and cloud enablement of its partners. Regardless the size of the problem at hand we cover the entire lifecycle of the software: from architecting and creating the cloud infrastructure through setting up monitoring and alerting to deploying containerized applications at scale we got everything covered. We look for challenges and strive to deliver better solutions every day.
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